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Intellectual Property(IP) Services

Business and Information Research Services

Dolcera Technology Platform

1 Intellectual Property (IP) Services

1.1 Life Sciences and Chemistry

1.2 Technology

Landscape reports

Landscape reports

STN Search Reports



IP Valuation

Prior Art / Invalidation / FTO Search

Study: In re Bilski Impact

Prior Art / Invalidation / FTO Search

1.3 Clinical Trial Database

2 Business & Information Research Services

2.1 Life Sciences and Chemistry

2.2 Technology

2.3 Finance

2.4 Others and CPG

3 Dolcera Technology Platforms

3.1 Dashboard 1.1

3.2 Workflow for creating a Dashboard

3.3 IP and Products dashboard

3.4 Patent-pathway mapping

3.5 Sequence dashboard

3.6 Design analysis

3.7 Innovation explorer

3.8 KPort

4 Buy Dolcera Reports

4.1 Templates:

Food :

Packaging :


Dolcera Services Summary

Technology Support

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