Workflow for creating a Dashboard

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If you already have the patents and you want to populate the Dashboard with those patent numbers, then we follow the steps mentioned below to create the Dashboard:

Step 1: We require the following inputs from you as a first step:

  • List of the patent numbers (or) publication numbers
    • Please send this information preferably in spreadsheet/text file/MS Word
  • List of emails of all the users who need access to this Dashboard
  • Title of the parent category in the taxonomy (or) name of the project

Step 2: Once all the above inputs are received, Dolcera team will setup a new Dashboard with the following items:

  • Parent category with the title given in Step 1.
  • All the patents will be listed in the parent category.
  • Logins for all the users requested in Step 1 will be set up.

Step 3: Dolcera team will send emails to all the users who are given access to this specific Dashboard. Once the emails are sent, the 30-day trial period of the Dashboard usage starts.

Step 4: You can start classifying the patents by adding your own categories/sub-categories and then "dragging and dropping" the patents into the required categories.


If you have any troubles/queries regarding Dashboard usage, please email us at You can also reach us at +91 9908060143