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Patent S.No Patent No. Priority date Surfactant Overall Claimed Composition patent Benefit/Advantage
Enzyme and Builder
4 GB2307695A 11/30/1995 Anionic and non-ionic surfactants (a) organic surfactant comprising at least one nonionic, anionic, cationic, amphoteric or zwitterionic surfactant; (b) at least one inorganic or organic builder; (c) a soil releasing water-soluble or water-dispersible sulphonated polyester comprising monomer units of: (i) an unsulphonated aromatic diacidic monomer (A); (ii) a sulphonated aromatic diacidic monomer (SA); optionally (iii) a hydroxylated aromatic or aliphatic diacidic monomer (HA), (A) and/or (SA); (iv) a polyol, (d) an enzyme system comprising at least 2 different enzymes selected from proteases, lipases, amylases and cellulases Improved soil-release properties
5 GB2274849A 2/5/1993 Wide range is mentioned in general in description Non-soap detergent active, a detergency builder, enzyme Papain and at least one activating agent Not specified
Enzyme and Stabilizer
6 GB2255352A 5/1/1991 Amphoteric surfactant, nonionic surfactant and other surfactns (Wide range is mentioned in general in description) Amphoteric surfactant, nonionic surfactant, enzyme, and enzyme stabilizer Longer stabilty
7 GB2248452A 10/5/1990 Cationic and nonionic surfactants Cationic and nonionic surfactants, proteolytic enzyme derived from a microorganism, organic calcium sequestrant, glycerol borate stabiliser, water-miscible organic solvent Very good storage stability and prolonged shelf life at relatively high temperatures
8 GB2271120A 09/30/1992 | 09/27/1993 Soap and synthetic surfactant mixture Detergent active, water and a mutant subtilisin enzyme, boron compound (borax), polyol, acid and/or its alkali metal salt The composition includes mutant enzymes which have good stability, even under storage at relatively high temp. and humidity and composition has good cleaning capacity.
9 GB2246140A 06/07/1990 | 06/04/1991 Wide range is mentioned in general in description (a) a surfactant selected from the group consisting of anionic, nonionic, cationic, ampholytic or zwitterionic surfactants and mixtures thereof; (b) enzyme; and (c) protein containing quaternary nitrogen substituent. Quartenary ammonium containing protein improves enzyme stability
Enzyme and Other Ingredients
10 GB2372261A 12/21/2000 | 12/11/2001 Wide range is mentioned in general in description a) oxidoreductase, b) surfactant, c) modifier, and d) densified carbon dioxide Bleaching textile articles with grass stains and/or oily tomato stains
11 GB2267911A 4/30/1992 Non-ionic surfactant and other surfactants (Wide range is mentioned in general in description) Water-soluble needle-like material (salts, surfactants), binder, non-aqueous liquid (non-ionic surfactant), encapsulated ingredients: (an enzyme, a fluorescer, a bleach catalyst or a bleach precursor) Sensitive materials such as enzymes, bleaches, bleach precursors or optical brighteners are protected from unwanted interaction with other components by encapsulating them.
12 GB2406340A 08/07/2002 | 07/21/2003 | 07/21/2003 Anionic surfactant (linear alkylbenzene sulphonate) is preferred Flexible porous housing containing detergent composition (interior of the housing is coated with a bleach ingredient, an enzyme, a perfume, a fluorescer or mixtures thereof, preferably an enzyme) Housing helps to generate more foam, so less detergent composition is used and its cost performance is increased.