Control Patents

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S.No. Publication Number Publication Date Assignee/Applicant Inventors Title
1 US20110098869A1 4/28/2011 LG Electronics Inc SEO, Mun Seok Electric appliance and a control method thereof
2 US20110153100A1 6/23/2011 General Electric Company Besore, John K. Demand response appliance power consumption feedback
3 US20110153109A1 6/23/2011 General Electric Company DRAKE, JEFF DONALD Demand response appliance module
4 US4964058A 10/16/1990 Square D Company Brown, Jr., Robert J. Power management and automation system
5 US20110202198A1 8/18/2011 General Electric Company Venkatakrishnan, Natarajan Low cost and flexible energy management system with a scheduling capability
6 US8024073B2 9/20/2011 Allure Energy Inc Imes, Kevin Energy management system
7 US20030233201A1 12/18/2003 Whirlpool Corporation Horst, Gale, Richard Total home energy management
8 US7990985B2 8/2/2011 3E Technologies International Inc Chen, Steven Chien-Young Broadband communications access device
9 US20030050737A1 3/13/2003 Strategic Design Federation W Inc Osann, Robert Energy-smart home system
10 US20110264286A1 10/27/2011 LG Electronics Inc Park, Jong Soo Smart control device
11 US20090147696A1 6/11/2009 Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute PARK, Wan Ki Apparatus and control method for energy-aware home gateway based on network
12 US20100318235A1 12/16/2010 People Power Company Moss, David System for monitoring energy consumption of an electrical appliance
13 WO2011103278A1 8/25/2011 LG Electronics Inc LEE, Hoonbong Network system
14 GB2478315A 9/7/2011 Toshiba Research Europe Haines, Russell John Energy management
15 US7991513B2 8/2/2011 Ecodog Inc Pitt, Ronald L. Electric energy bill reduction in dynamic pricing environments