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Patent S.No Patent No. Priority date Surfactant Overall Claimed Composition patent Benefit/Advantage
Builder and Starch
13 GB2277325A 4/23/1993 Non-soap detergent active Non-soap detergent active, detergency builder, natural starch and cationically modified starch Enhances stiffness of fabrics, i.e. no need for post-cleaning starch treatment
14 GB2291067A 7/15/1994 Anionic surfactant and/or non-ionic surfactant Non-soap detergent active, detergency builder, starch, clay Bar properties are improved, ie. rate of wear decreases and amount of mush decreases
Builder and Other Ingredients
15 GB2358404A 1/24/2000 Wide range is mentioned in general in description White or light-coloured particles, visually contrasting particles comprising fluorescent material, detergent-active material, detergency builder Give visual effects to the customer that the product has been exhausted, or insufficient product has been used, and that more should be added.
16 GB2271998A 10/27/1992 Anionic surfactants preferred Non-soap detergent active material, a detergency builder and hydrotype Detergency cream with a relatively short duration of contact between the diluted composition and the fabric at lower pH leads to improved detergency
17 GB2265379A 04/16/1992 | 04/14/1993 Anionic surfactants preferred Non-soap surface active material, precipitating builder, lather boosting additive, humectant Composition has Improved lather characteristics.
18 GB2385600A 1/29/2002 anionic sulphonate and ethoxylated non-ionic surfactant aloe vera, inorganic carrier material-Sodium sulfate, polymeric binder, anionic sulphonate surfactant, non-ionic surfactant, detergency builder Mildness to the skin
19 GB2278125A 5/17/1993 Anionic surfactant Non-soap anionic detergent active, detergency builder, inorganic filler , alcohol The bars show improved integrity in contact with water, thus reducing the formation of soft mush
20 GB2278124A 5/17/1993 Anionic surfactant (alkylbenzene sulphonate and/or primary alcohol sulphate ) Non-soap anionic detergent active, detergency builder, secondary alcohol or branched-chain primary alcohol The alcohol component reduces the formation of soft mush when the bars are left in contact with water.
21 GB2276630A 4/2/1993 Anionic surfactant Non-soap anionic detergent active, detergency builder, alkoxylated nonionic detergent Bars give reduced mush when left standing in water
22 GB2309977A 2/12/1996 Anionic surfactant Detergent active component, builder, breakage reduction agent (viscous adhesive binder and/or a plasticiser) Antibreakage properties
23 GB2296920A 1/16/1995 Anionic surfactant Non soap anionic detergent active, detergency builder, betaine Improved skin mildness, detergency and anti-breakage properties