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S.No. Patent/Publication No. Publication Year Assignee / Applicant Title Problem Solution Image
1 US8459537B2 2013 Barilla G. e R. Fratelli S.p.A. | Moglia, Roberto | Amigoni, Michele | Innocente, Mario Easy reclosing system for a container for dry foodstuffs and related container To develop a new and easy reclosing system for a container of dry foodstuffs which is economical, simplified in operation of opening and closing, guaranteeing adequate seal in the closure position, without jeopardising the pouring capacity An easy reclosing system for dry foods formed by a first flap and a second flap which overlap to form the closure. The first flap is inserted between the two notches placed laterally to the tongue which is semi-circular
2 US8240505B1 2012 None Easy-open sealing type food container To provide a food container, which achieves excellent sealing effects and facilitates opening A peripheral wall of the container body has one recessed wall portion disposed in one corner and forms a retracted external space area and concave camber between the recessed wall portion and a hem. A pull tab extends from an outer side of a cover sealing rib and is inserted into above said concave camber
3 EP2208685B1 2012 Shikoku Kakoh Co., Ltd. Film for food packaging To provide a food packaging film which is excellent in workability, processability, productivity, gas barrier properties, low-temperature heat sealing properties, safety and mechanical strengths and can be used as an alternative film for cellophane/wax films A packaging film for melting cheese comprises at least five layers of a heat seal layer/an adhesive layer/a gas barrier layer/an adhesive layer/a heat seal layer. The heat seal layer comprises an olefin-based resin and melts between 60°C and 90°C. N/A
4 EP2081990B1 2012 Nova Chemicals (International) S.A. Barrier film for food packaging To prepare a HDPE film with barrier properties Barrier films are prepared from a blend of two high density polyethylene components with substantially different melt indices using a high performance organic nucleating agent. N/A
5 EP2128036B1 2011 Girnet internacional, s.l. Bag for packaging food products To provide a bag for packaging food products such as fruit and vegetable products The bag contains a flexible tubular body of a woven or extruded tubular mesh, a central portion which is designed to house the products contained in the bag and the longitudinal ends which are closed. A flexible oblong element such as a strip is joined to both closed ends which acts as a handle.
6 EP2025620A4 2010 None Active packaging that inhibits food pathogens To provide a pathogen inhibiting food packaging The pathogen inhibiting actives in the packaging include paraffin and natrual extracts such as cinnamon, thyme, clove, oregano or any combination. N/A
7 EP2079315A2 2009 Kuhne anlagenbau gmbh Antimicrobial food packaging To provide a multi-layer food packaging that is resistant to pathogenic microbes A 3-or 5-or 7 layer food packaging where the antimicrobial properties are obtained from a finely divided metal and its salt N/A