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Bibliographic information

Application number: 11/171,678 Publication number: US 2006/0009430 A1 Filing date: Jun 30, 2005 Inventor: Gregory J. Kelly


The composition of the invention relates generally to a nutritional supplement, which is capable of ameliorating the biologically detrimental effects of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The present composition comprises a combination of natural plant-derived extracts, and minerals including Saw palmetto berry extract; pumpkin seed (Curcubito pepo) extract; beta-sitosterol; quercetin; Polygonum multiflorum root extract; a lycopene, for example from tomato extract; isoflavones, for example from Pueraria lobata root extract, and soybeans; zinc; selenium or any combination thereof. The ingredients are combined into any suitable form to be administered, and consumed by an individual for the prevention or treatment of hair loss, or prostatic hyperplasia or both.

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Dolcera analysis

  • Nature: Natural extracts
  • Composition: Palmetto berry extract (fatty acids & sterols), Pumpkin seed extract (Vitamins-B, alpha-linolenic acid, amino acids and phytosterols), Quercetin (Flavonoids) and Beta-sitosterol (Rice bran, wheat germ, corn oils and soybeans)
  • Composition action
    • Fatty acids – Inhibit testosterone
    • Sterols - Mechanism of action unknown
    • Quercetin results in cell growth cycle
    • Beta-sitosterol reduce inflammation on scalp