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  • Choline is an organic compound, usually grouped within the Vitamin B complex. There are eight B vitamins in the Vitamin B complex family. Although each performs a different function in the body, they all work together to maintain good health.
Structure of Choline bitartrate Source
  • Choline is available in various forms namely, choline bitartrate, choline citrate,choline chloride and others.
  • Choline Bitartrate (L(+) choline bitartrate) is a colorless or white crystal powder, which is a water-soluble part of the B Vitamin family. Its IUPAC Name: 2-hydroxyethyl(trimethyl)azanium; (2R,3R)-2,3,4-trihydroxy-4-oxobutanoate and CAS Registry Number is : 87-67-2. Source
  • The body needs B vitamins to manufacture neurotransmitters, chemicals that control alertness and mood by speeding nerve signals through the brain.
  • As B vitamins are water soluble, they are excreted in the urine and can be quickly depleted from the body. Only a small amount is stored in the body. Because of this, it is important that we take supplements to replenish these important vitamins in our body. Source
  • Choline bitartrate is an essential nutrient needed by the nervous system to produce acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that facilitates the transmission of impulses between neurons. Source

Natural Source of Choline bitartrate: Egg yolk, peanuts, wheat germ, organ meats and legumes.

Health Benefits of Choline Bitartrate:

  • Being a product of vitamin, it can be applied to medicine, healthcare product and food.
  • It is a nutritious additive and fat remover, enhance fatty metabolism and eliminate the accumulation of fat in liver.
  • Influence muscle contractions, movement, coordination and enhance memory.
  • Involved in higher level brain functions like memory, thought and intellect.
  • Is vital to the structural integrity of cell walls, the production of amino acids and proteins and the metabolism of fats.
  • Aid in the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease, manic depression and improve the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.

Deficiencies in B vitamins causes:

  • Depression or signs of decreased mental functioning.
  • Decrease cognitive function.

Intellectual Property

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1 Choline bitartarate Full Spec. ((choline ADJ1 bitartarate*) OR (choline ADJ1 bitartrate*) OR (choline ADJ1 bi ADJ1 tartrate*) OR (2-Hydroxyethyl ADJ1 trimethyl ADJ1 ammonium ADJ1 bitartrate) OR ((2-Hydroxyethyl) ADJ1 trimethyl ADJ1 ammonium ADJ1 bitartrate) OR ((2-Hydroxyethyl)trimethylammonium ADJ1 bitartrate)) 1016 hits
2 Food & beverage Claims, Title or Abstract (beverage* OR drink* OR juice* OR potion OR tonic OR spirit* OR (liquid ADJ1 refreshment) OR Tea OR milk OR coffee OR cocoa OR (liquid ADJ (formulation*1 OR preparation*1)) OR capsule* OR caplet* OR tablet* OR powder*2 OR (Nutri* ADJ supplement*) OR Food* OR Meal* OR composition OR (Nutrition* NEAR3 adjuvant* ) OR (food NEAR3 supplement*) OR formula OR formulation*) 3677912 hits
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Analysis Taxonomy

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IP activity over the years

  • Maximum number of patents have been filed in the year 2004.
  • Patents are published 18 months after application.
Graph showing IP Activity Over Years (Assignee versus earliest priority year)

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  • Council of Scientific & Industrial Research found to be the Top assignees with 3 patents.
  • For 2 patent / publications Assignee name is not available.
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Action of Choline bitartrate containing Compositions

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Choline Bitartarate Patents categorised as per formulation

Product form Patent/publication Patent focus Ingredients other than Choline Bitartarate Application
Beverage / liquid / Drink US20040005368A1 Composition and Method 1. At least one substance that enhance oxygen uptake such as Gingko A, Caffeine, Green Tea, L-pyroglutamate, Xanthinol nicotinate.
2. A protein supplement.
Used for weight loss.
US20040191294A1 Composition, Method, Process of prepration 1. one or more omega 3 fatty acids.
2. milk or milk-based products .
lowers levels of cholesterol and triglycerides.
US20060121158A1 Composition 1. A first ingredient comprising at least one of a polyol, a fiber or a combination thereof.
2. Second ingredient comprising calcium.
3. Third ingredient comprising at least one of flavanol, stimulant and antioxidant.
Used for weight management.
US5626849A Composition and Method An essentially dry mixture of chromium, L-carnitine, gamma-linolenic acid, (-) hydroxycitric acid, inositol, antioxidants and herbs. A dietary supplement to help facilitate weight loss
US5904948A Composition and Process of prepration An protein component and a carbohydrate component. Nutritional Supplement
WO2006052231A1 Composition and Process of prepration Sugar including the carbohydrates, fructose and maltodextrin, and electrolytes chromium, copper, potassium, magnesium, sodium, and citric acid. Restoring human growth hormone.
US20050171034A1 Composition and Method Betaine, pyridoxal-5-phosphate, and N-acetyl-cysteine. Promotes decrease of homocysteine levels in humans.
US20060241077A1 Composition and Method A uridine, an acyl derivative thereof, a uridine phosphate, uracil, or a salt thereof; Ameliorating or inhibiting decline in memory or intelligence.
US20070065456A1 Composition Wasabia japonica, Silybum marianum, Cynara scolymus. Nutritional supplement for a human diet.
US20070248696A1 Composition and Method Dimethylaminoethanol, cytidine 5-diphosphocholine, turmeric extract, decaffeinated green tea extract, vitamin B1,B5, B6, B12,folic acid, Dimethylglycine, huperzine A, Griffonia simplicifolia extract and 1-phenylalanine. Improves neuromuscular facilitation and enhances cognitive functions, such as memory and mental focus.
US20080317868A1 Composition An energy content, a protein fraction, a lipids fraction, a nucleotide fraction and a mineral fraction. An anti-allergic infant formulation.
US4497800A Composition A protein equivalent, a suitable lipid, a carbohydrate component , essential vitamins , minerals and an emulsion stabilizer. Providing nourishment for a human patient in need of such nourishment .
US4499076A Composition Essential amino acids, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins namely vitamin A, B1, B6, B12, C, D2, E, K1, calcium pantothenate, nicotinic acid amide, biotin, folic acid or choline bitartrate and minerals. New elemental diets for liver diseases.
US4837219A Composition, Method, Process of prepration L-Tyrosine, L-Phenylalanime, L-Leucine, Zinc (from Zinc Gluconate) and Copper (from Copper Gluconate). A medication for Alzheimers disease.
US5437880A Composition Digestible saccharide and a carotenoid. A health drink
WO1994015488A2 Composition Carbohydrate, electrolyte, ammonia neutralizer, energy enhancer namely choline Bitartrate and others , antioxidant, neuromuscular function enhancer.
Foodstuff US20050208191A1 Composition and Process of prepration Whole wheat, Roasted (defatted) soy Peanut paste, Sesame seed paste Sesame seed , Wheat germ (roasted), Non fat dry milk, Sugar Powder, Liquid, Lecithin, Sodium Chloride, mmonium bicarbonate, vitamins and others. Nutritious baked snack food with high protein content
WO2005087018A1 Composition and Process of prepration vegetable sources as wheat flout, roasted peanut paste, sesame seed, soybean flour and well balanced mixture of vitamins, minerals and others. Food stuff for children and adult supplementing their nutritional requirement.

Choline Bitartarate containing compositions

  • Composition components matrix showing all the ingredients used along with Choline Bitartarate.
Beverage / liquid / Drink
Patent/Publication No. Amino acids Antioxidant Carbohydrates / Sugars Energy Source / Enhancer Fatty Acids / A lipid Source Herbal Extracts Minerals Proteins Stimulant Vitamins Vegetable Sources Others
US20040005368A1 x Caffeine, Green Tea Oxygen uptake enhancing substance.
US20040191294A1 x Milk or milk-based products
US20060121158A1 x x x x x Flavanol
US5626849A x gamma-linolenic acid x L-carnitine
US5904948A Maltodextrin x Whey , milk or vegetable x
WO2006052231A1 leucine, isoleucine, valine and arginine. x x
US20050171034A1 N-acetyl-cysteine Alpha-lipoic acid Zn A, B, C, E Betaine
US20060241077A1 Uridine or its derivative
US20070065456A1 Green tea extract Taurine Wasabia japonica, Silybum marianum and Cynara scolymus. Mn, Se Zn x x
US20070248696A1 B1,B5, B6, B12,folic acid Dimethylaminoethanol, cytidine 5-diphosphocholine, turmeric extract, Green tea extract
US20080317868A1 x x x x Nucleotide fraction
US4497800A x x x x x
US4499076A Essential AAS x x x Calcium pantothenate, nicotinic acid amide, biotin, folic acid x
US4837219A L-Tyrosine, L-Phenylalanime, L-Leucine Zn and Cu x
US5437880A x Digestible saccharide A B, C, D, E and K . Carotenoids
WO1994015488A2 x x choline Bitartrate Neuromuscular function enhancer
US20050208191A1 x Fe, Zn, Cu, I , x Sesame seed paste Sesame seed Whole wheat, Roasted (defatted) soy Peanut paste, Wheat germ (roasted), Non fat dry milk
WO2005087018A1 x x Wheat flour, roasted peanut paste, sesame seed, soybean flour x

  • Click here for Composition matrix showing all the ingredients used along with Choline Bitartarate.

Patent Analysis Sheets

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Scientific Literature Analysis

S.No. Title Citations Publication Date Results / Statastical data Dolcera Summary
1 Effect of choline supplementation on fatigue in trained cyclists. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 1995 May;27(5):668-73. 1995-05-01 1. Twenty male cyclists (ages 23-29) with maximal aerobic power (VO2max) between 58 and 81 were randomly divided into BRIEF (N = 10) and PROLONGED (N = 10) groups.
2. One hour after drinking a beverage with or without choline bitartrate (2.43 g), cyclists began riding at a power output equivalent to approximately 150% (BRIEF) and 70% (PROLONGED) of VO2max at a cadence of 80-90 rpm.
3.Time to exhaustion, indirect calorimetry and serum choline, lactate, and glucose were measured.
Trained cyclists do not deplete choline during supramaximal brief or prolonged submaximal exercise, nor do they benefit from choline supplementation to delay fatigue under given conditions.