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Patent/Assignee Problem Main Composition Properties of main ingredient Nature of composition Composition action Composition effect Mode of administration
    Shiseido Co., Ltd.
Male-pattern alopecia and scalp abnormality (2-substituted oxyphenyl) alkanamide derivative and its salt Hydrocarbon group of C.sub.3-30 - straight and branched alkyl, alkenyl group and hydrocarbon group having a cycloalkyl ring Organic compound Mechanism of action has not been made clear, have an excellent hair growth and regrowth promoting effect Promotes blood circulation and activates hair follicle Topical or oral
    Pfizer Inc.
Male-pattern alopecia Thyromimetic compounds (formula 10) with finasteride, minoxidil or cyproterone acetate Thyromimetic compounds are structurally similar to thyronine or 3,5,3'-triiodo-L-thyronine which is one of the thyroid hormone, produced directly from thyroid gland or, in peripheral tissues Organic compound Activates thyroid hormone receptors in hair follicle which in turn promote elasticisation of follicle walls Increase hair growth, or prevent or delay hair loss Topical or oral
Male-pattern alopecia Bradykinin antagonist It's a peptide of plasma origin released from a kininogen precursor by a plasma protease known as kallikrein and is one of the key mediators of inflammation and has mitogenic properties Peptides/nucleic acid Inhibit the synthesis of B2 receptors (peptide of kinin group of proteins exist in hair follicle) or compounds involved in modulating the signal transduced by bradykinin by binding to B2 receptor Regulates growth of epidermal keratinocytes (which produces keratin ie., hair) Topical
Male-pattern alopecia Mixture of an orthodiphenol and a catalytic system comprising a salt and/or an oxide of Mn(II) and/or Zn(II) and a hydrogenocarbonate of an alkaline metal Hydrogenocarbonates of Na, K, Mg, Ca and mixtures thereof; Precursor of densification from extracts of plants, fruits, vegetables and mixture thereof - Flavonols such as catechin, quercetin, luteolin and epicatechin gallate Natural extract and organic compound Oxidizing orthodiphenols with specific pseudo-oxidase in presence of oxygen, thus making possible, through oxidation of the precursor of densification, the coloring of keratinous fibers Increases hair density and/or promoting regrowth of the keratinous fibers (hair) Topical or oral
    Lion Corporation
Male-pattern alopecia Aliphatic carboxylic acid with vitamin E, estradiol, acetylcholine derivative, serine or methionine, lithospermum root extract, cepharanthine and salicyclic acid Lower and higher aliphatic carboxylic acid with odd number of carbon atoms and its derivatives from n-hendecanoic acid, n-tridecanoic acid, n-pentadecanoic acid, n-heptadecanoic acid, glyceride acid and metal salt; monoglyceride, diglyceride and triglyceride Organic compound N/A Brings hair follicle from talogen state into a normal anagen state, thus promotes strong hair growth Topical or injection
Male-pattern alopecia Metalloprotease inhibitor (thiol or a hydroxamate) other than chelating calcium ions and growth factors Metalloproteases (MMPs) are members of a family of proteolitic enzymes (endoproteases) which contain a zinc atom co-ordinated to 3 cysteine residues and one methionine residue in their active site and these MMPs (MMP-9) are present in the internal structures of hair follicles, namely in the inner epithelial sheath (IRS) Peptides Reducing the expression of MMPs (Metalloproteases) in the scalp - slow down or inhibit the degradation of the perifollicular matrix (extracellular matrix surround the hair follicle) Delays migration of follicle to telogenic phase Topical
Male-pattern alopecia Benzopyran compounds Act as potassium channel openers Organic compound Rapidly metabolized, and cause reduced cardiovascular effects as compared to other known potassium channel openers (i.e. dilates blood vessels) Prolongs or activates anagen (growth phase) or shortens or delayes catagen (transition phase) and telogen (resting phase) of hair cycle, increases growth rate of hair shafts and hair thickness Topical
Male-pattern alopecia Sophora flavescens extract, hinokitiol and nicotinamide Sophora flavescens contains alkaloids and flavonoids and its leaves contain luteolin-7-glucose and its seeds contains cytosine; Hinokitiol (.beta.-thujaplicin) is a crystalline acid material existing in Taiwan hinoki oil, Aomori, Western Red Cedar oil; Nicotinamide (niacin amide) is a kind of vitamin B complex corresponding to (C6H6N2O), exists as NAD and NADP in living bodies to comprise a co-enzyme Natural extracts Sophora flavescens - block DHT; Hinokitiol - promotes function of cell activity; nicotinamide - dilates blood vessels Inhibiting 5 .alpha.-reductase activity, promoting hair root cell activity functioning by supplying nutrition to hair root and dilates blood vessels Topical
Male-pattern alopecia New class of 6-sulfonamido-quinolin-2-one and 6-sulfonamido-2-oxo-chromene derivatives N/A Organic compound Inhibit, or decrease, activation of androgen receptor by androgens Promotes hair growth on scalp by blocking DHT Topical or oral
    Aphios Corporation
Male-pattern alopecia Saw Palmetto and Sperol originate from Serenoa repens berry Supercritical fluid isolate of Saw Palmetto, Sperol and their analogs or derivatives Natural extract Modulates androgenic activity by inhibiting formation and availability of active androgen in target cells Inhibits 5.alpha.-reductase activity conversion of testosterone to 5.alpha. DHT Topical or oral
Male-pattern alopecia Prostaglandin EP-3 receptor antagonist, Prostaglandin EP-2 receptor agonist, a prostaglandin EP-4 receptor agonist with Minoxidil, 2,4-diaminopyrimidine 3-oxide, and Aminexil, cyclic AMP Prostaglandins are biological effectors derived from polyunsaturated fatty acids Peptides Minoxidil (designed to mimic nitric oxide's effects) grows hair via prostaglandin-H synthase stimulation. EP-3 and EP-4 are expressed in anagen hair follicles which induce a reduction in the level of cAMP Increases hair growth and reduces hair loss Topical
Male-pattern alopecia Benzopyran derivatives Act as potassium channel openers Organic compound Dilates blood vessels Increases number and period of time of follicles which remain in anagen phase ( i.e. increase the anagen to telogen ratio) Topical
    KPSS-Kao Professional Salon Services GmbH
Scalp related cosmetic problems - greasy hair Avocado oil Butyl esters of fatty acids (oleic acid) from avocado oil Natural extract and organic compound Reduce sebum of hair and scalp Anti-fat effect reduces sebum, thus improves hair and scalp feeling Topical
Male-pattern alopecia and excess sebum production New class of 4-cycloalkoxy benzonitrile derivatives and salts 4-cycloalkoxy benzonitriles contains stereoisomers and geometric isomers and mixtures thereof, phenyl ring, cycloalkyl or cycloalkenyl moiety, bicyclic rings and salts include hydrochloric, hydrobromic, sulphuric, and phosphoric acid and acid metal salts such as sodium monohydrogen orthophosphate, and potassium hydrogen sulfate Organic compound Acts as androgen receptor modulators and blocks formation of DHT. Decrease excess sebum secretion onto the skin and prolongs growth phase of hair cycle (anagen) and increases follicle size. Topical or oral
Male-pattern alopecia Saw Palmetto berry extract, pumpkin seed extract and quercetin, beta-sitosterol Saw palmetto berry extract are fatty acids and sterols; Pumpkin seeds are a natural source of B-vitamins, zinc, alpha-linolenic acid, amino acids and phytosterols; Quercetin, a phenylbenzopyrone, belongs to a class of water-soluble plant polyphenolic pigments called flavonoids; High levels of beta-sitosterol are found in rice bran, wheat germ, corn oils, and soybeans Natural extracts Fatty acids has testosterone-inhibiting effects within prostate. Mechanism of action of the sterols is not well understood. Beta-sitosterol reduce inflammation on scalp and quercetin results in cell growth cycle Inhibits action of testosterone by inhibiting its conversion to DHT and by blocking DHT binding to androgen recpetor (ARs) Topical and oral
Male-pattern alopecia Benzyl nicotinate, octyl butyrate, glutamine peptides, monomethylsilanol-hydroxyproline aspartate and pantenol Silanols are organic derivatives of silicon (protien complex), rich in hydroxyl groups Organic compound Acts as a cross-linking agent, integrates tissues with hair bulb. Stimulates activity of transglutaminases (family of enzymes) in scalp cells to increase anchoring of hairs. Divides cells in fibroblasts (cell from which connective tissue (fibrous) develops) and delays hair loss Enlarges hair follicle and anchor the hair root in the follicle Topical
    Kao Corporation
Male-pattern alopecia Walnut extract (leaves/pericarps) with an organic solvent 5 alpha-reductase inhibiting substance contained in the walnut extract has not been identified yet Natural extracts Blocks formation of DHT Decreasing the rate of telogen and increase the rate of anagen, where the number of anagens is more Topical or oral
    Fundacion Pablo Cassara
Male-pattern alopecia Pharmacologically active oligonucleotides (INN-18.1, INN-24, INN-71, INN-72, INN-18.2, INN-24.1, INN-73 and INN-76 (ODN)) Oligonucleotides sequences intend to encompass both DNA (deoxiribonucleotide acid, phosphodiester bonds), S-DNA (phosphorothioate, {PTO}, bonds), DNA/S-DNA (PTO) mixed structures or alkylated or methylated chemical structures derived, as substituents on the nitrogene base Nucleotides Oligonucleotides inhibit androgen receptor (AR) expression at very low concentrations in skin and hair follicle primary cell cultures, by reaching of, and hibridizing with, specific regions of AR mRNA, triggering the RNAse H digestion of AR mRNA and thus inhibiting AR translation Anti-androgen - Inhibits androgen receptor expression in skin and dermal papillae cells derived from hair follicles by blocking DHT Topical
Male-pattern alopecia Testosterone blocker or vascular toner (Flutamide, cyproterone acetate, spironolactone, progesterone, or analogs or derivatives) and minoxidil mixed along with non-retinoid penetration enhancer and sunscreen Penetration enhancer effectivily delivers testosterone blocker and minoxidil compounds to hair bulb Peptides Inhibits 5.alpha.-reductase activity (block DHT) and increase blood flow on the scalp Stimulate hair growth or inhibit the loss of hair, maintain the health of hair bulbs Topical
    Colomer Group Spain, S.L.
Male pattern alopecia Hop extract, rosemary, extract, swertia extract, silanodiol salicylate Hops oil contains terpenes and humulene; Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) contains hydroalcohol extract; Swertia japonica is a glycol extract with a swertiamarin; Silanodiol salicylate is a biologically active silicon compound Natural extract Inhibit activity of 5-alpha-reductase, protect follicular cell membranes by neutralizing action of oxidation reaction in tissues, stimulates hair follicles and blood circulation to hair root, supply oxygen and nutrients to base of follicle, retain humidity and avoid dehydration of scalp Prevents hair loss by promoting blood circulation and activates hair follicle Topical


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