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Patent S.No Patent No. Priority date Surfactant Overall Claimed Composition patent Benefit/Advantage
39 GB2383585A 12/28/2001 Anionic surfactant of given formula Anionic surfactant and other ingredients Increased detergency and powder flow properties
40 GB2371310A 1/22/2001 Alkoxylated nonionic surfactant (A) Radical initiator selected from a) alpha amino ketones, (b) alphahydroxy ketones, (c) phosphorus-containing photoinitiators, (d) dialkoxy acetophenones ; (e) alpha-haloacetophenones; (f) trisacyl phosphine oxides; (g) benzoin and benzoin-based photoinitiators and (B) alkoxylated nonionic surfactant Reduces colour damage to fabrics
41 GB2364702A 7/17/2000 Wide range is mentioned in general in description Perfluoroalkyl amphiphilic compound and other ingredients The perfluoroalkyl compound gives excellent oil and soil repellency to cotton and polyester fabrics
42 GB2259096A 8/28/1991 Nonionic liquid surfactant and other surfactns (Wide range is mentioned in general in description) Particulate solid phase dispersed in a non-aqueous liquid phase (N-substituted pyrrolidone derivative) and ethoxylated nonionic liquid surfactant Aquatic toxicity of low ethoxy nonionics or redn. of detergency effects of ethoxylated nonioniccs etc. problems are avoided by including pyrrolidine.
43 GB2342098A 09/30/1998 | 09/16/1999 Wide range is mentioned in general in description (i) detergent surfactant, (ii) particles which contain sodium tripolyphosphate, (iii) other ingredients which include particles of sodium citrate dihydrate Tablets dissolve and disintegrate fast.
44 GB2313379 5/23/1996 Nonionic surfactant i) a nonionic detergent surfactant; ii) a quaternary ammonium compound having at least one Cl2-C22 alkyl chain and
iii) a perfume
Good detergency and good perfume delivery properties
45 GB2445939A 1/27/2007 Primary alkyl sulfate (PAS) Primary alkyl sulfate (PAS), Aluminosilicate, Inoragnic electrolyte like sodium carbonate Lower decomposition
46 GB2428694A 7/28/2005 Not specified Transition metal catalyst, an acidic component, solid co-granulant Improved stability
47 GB2425128A 4/11/2005 Anionic surfactants preferred Non-soap surfactant, inorganic hydratable salt like sodium pyrophosphate The inorganic hydratable salt reduces the heat needed for the drying step and provides cost-effectiveness