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New Product - Market Size Estimation

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Tuesday, 04 March 2014 08:50

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New Product -Market Size Estimation - Case study

Industry: Consumer and Packaged Goods

Summary: A multinational consumer products company, after succeeding in selling its new beauty product in the US, is now strategizing to enter the global arena. Dolcera was the selected partner to advise the company on the best go-to countries.

Problem: After succeeding in the US market, a CPG company is strategising to the enter the global arena.

Dolcera Solution: Research on the beauty care regimen in the Asian and European markets revealed a highly conscious, in fact, surprisingly more beauty conscious customer in these countries. Further research indicated that there was a lot of market potential for the company's product. After estimating the market size for each of the countries, Dolcera, in addition, provided a pricing strategy for the client and gave GO for this product.


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