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Friday, 20 February 2009 06:55

Dolcera's simple SPIDE® framework helps solve complex business problems. We apply this structured approach to tackle problems and develop solutions based on facts and logic.

Spider Framework

S - Secondary Research There is a wealth of information available on the web, but few are aware of using it constructively. Through years of expertise in multiple areas, we know exactly the reliable sources for what and where it can be found
P - Primary Research Which research project is complete without validation from the end customer (stakeholders) him (or her)self? Our primary reasearch team has dedicated field staff across the globe to answer any question you have
I - Insights So we have the data in place and have structured it for analysis. What next? We believe that Insights bring the most value to any  project and we spend considerable time in this aspect of a project to arrive at meaningful conclusions
D - Data Analytics Data is meaningless without structure and analysis. Our sophisticated tools and methodoligies ensure just that- structured data for easy analysis
E - Expertise We believe in diversity and our team of engineers from reputed institutes like Stanford, the IIT's,etc., and our team of MBA's from top insitutes in India and abroad collaborate on projects to ensure accuracy of the information gathered


  1. Primary Research - We design questionnaires for data collection, identify targets for interviews and have a dedicated field staff to conduct primary research. Case study
  2. Secondary Research - We conduct secondary research studies using information assembled by government agencies, industry and trade associations, labor unions, media sources, chambers of commerce, educational institutions, scholarly articles, research studies, subscribed databases etc. within a quick turnaround time, to cater to your business needs. Case study
  3. Dashboards - One of Dolcera's strengths is easy to read data representation through dashboards. Using various sophisticated tools which are user friendly, we have a way with data!
  4. Web Analytics - We measure, collect, analyze and reporting data to be used as a tool for reasearch - to improve the effectiveness of a campaign, to help you understand the dynamics of your marketing campaign. Case study
  5. Updates and Newsletters - Identifying key words for accurate results are another area of expertise for Dolcerites. With access to multiple databases and the knowledge of information availability, our turnaround times are really quick and the information difficult to go without. Case study
  6. Product Database - Dolcera creates and maintains large product databases consisting of data on various aspects of competitor products which assists clients in making impactful decisions.
  7. Technology Scouting - Technology scouting has been made possible with Dolcera's unique combination of patent analysts who analyse the trends in technologies and the consultants who verify this way of research to confirm. We've been able to assist clients from multiple domains, to gain corporate foresight, identify emerging technologies and support the acquisition of technologies.


  1. New Market Entry Case study
  2. Competitive Landscape Case study
  3. Company Profiling - M&A Target Identification Case study
  4. New Product - Market Size Estimation Case study
  5. Technology Stage Cycle Case study
  6. Identification of Unmet Needs Case study
  7. New Segment Identification Case study
  8. Emerging Market Expansion Strategy Case study
  9. Newsletter / Alerts Case study
  10. Quick Check Case study


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