November 2011 - Therapeutic Glycoproteins

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November 2011

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Dolcera Insights: IP and Competitor Landscape for Production Of Therapeutic Glycoproteins ($ 999)


Dolcera report focuses on finding the relevant patents encompassing the advances in the manufacture of therapeutic glycoproteins.


Dolcera has a standardized and tested procedure to formulate comprehensive patent search strategies to retrieve all the relevant patents. The report highlights year-wise patent activity (trend line) along with the key industrial players in the field.


Patents were categorized on the basis of patent focus- whether novel or modified cell lines or hosts, transgenic animals, novel enzymes, chemical/cell free methods of synthesis, and novel fermentation methods or culture conditions. The categorized patents were further analyzed to determine the key players under each category.


A comprehensible result in the form of Dolcera dashboard has been given. Dashboard links the Companies in each category to their patents, hence making an interactive platform for analysis. Dolcera has retrieved over 800 relevant patents related to manufacture of therapeutic glycoproteins, covering over 47 worldwide patenting authorities.


Furthermore, patents have been mapped to commercially available products produced by the respective assignees and other licensees.



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