Dolcera - Client Engagement Model and Processes

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Step1: Project Initiation
Project Preparation
Project request sent by client to Dolcera engagement manager Dolcera engagement manager receives request and passes information to tech leads and project manager for resource planning
Project Approval
Project approval process Dolcera team assigns project lead and team to project
Client team shares technical overview and background at the kickoff meeting Dolcera PM organizes kick-off meeting where client and Dolcera teams participate to understand client goals
Background study
Client team helps train Dolcerateam with constant interaction, feedback and review of work Extensive background study is undertaken to understand technology, business aspects and an initial taxonomy is built
Dolcera - Patent and Market Research Services - Engagement Model
Step2: Classification and full blown analysis
Training and classification strategy optimization
Client team interacts with the Dolcerateam on a regular basis through e-mail and phone conferences and review wiki to provide feedback and inputs about classification strategy and classification Dolcera team develops a common understanding with client team about the taxonomy. Through an iterative process, the Dolcera team works with the client team to build an optimal classification strategy and starts classification
Classification & taxonomy refinement
The client team reviews and provide feedback as required throughout this phase Dolcera team refines the taxonomy iteratively and begins analsysis based on the taxonomy giving way for problem-solution analysis
Dolcera - Patent and Market Research Services - Engagement Model
Step3: Project delivery and reporting
Results review
Review findings and results from analysis Deliver results of full-blown analysis to client project team for review and feedback
Process final deliverables
Provide feedback and modification requirements for final deliverables Process results including charts, patent summaries, problem-solution approaches and categorization of patents
Present final deliverables
Review final deliverables Update wiki with final deliverables and deliver the dashboard with results of analysis
Process review
Client team to provide feedback about overall project performance Review process and project with client team to understand what went well and areas to improve
Dolcera - Patent and Market Research Services - Engagement Model
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